summer associate program

A young person is approached by the devil, who shows him the two paths in life to follow (the straight and narrow and well, you know…). He also shows him hell, to which, as we all know, the latter path leads. The young person observes masses of people enjoying all manner of earthly pleasures, possessing all the goods than one might want, and in general, enjoying themselves immensely. He chooses the devil’s path and becomes the stereotypical lawyer. Years pass, the no-longer-young person dies, goes to hell, and is greeted by the devil. He is assigned to a cell, from which he observes people being subjected to all manner of hideous tortures. He is told that his torture will start in the morning. Puzzled, the lawyer, who followed the devil’s path to the very best of his ability asks: “But what happened to what I saw when you showed this place to me years ago when you signed me up?” The Devil responded, “Oh, you must have been here during our summer associate program.”