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Recall Nigerian Law School Student

SIR We of the Legal Education Rights Agenda a national campaigning organization of law faculty students law graduates lawyers and public interest-inclined persons hereby write to demand the recall of Kayode Bello, a student of the Abuja campus of the Nigerian Law School, who was unjustly expelled from the campus of the Nigerian Law School, Bwari, Abuja, after he allegedly had an argument with a fellow student.

We condemn the  undemocratic manner in which the  graduate of University of Ibadan, Oyo State was reportedly bundled out of the school’s library by law school officials and policemen attached to the Bwari Police Station on the day he was expelled. We condemn the actions of the management of the Nigerian Law School in the poor handling of the complaint of Bello over the poor state of welfare conditions in the Abuja Campus of the Nigerian Law School which is a reflection of similar poor state of welfare on the other five campuses of the Nigerian Law School.

We hold that the   Secretary to the Council of Legal Education, Elizabeth Max-Uba, should have reacted in a pro-active manner over his complaint over the leakage of the sewage pipe in his room’s toilet other than the strong arm tactics the school management. We hold that leakage of water system in rooms in the hostels of Nigerian Law School is symptomatic of the poor welfare conditions in most the campuses despite the huge fees students cough out to undertake the programme.

We also condemn the poor handling of the incident of March 15, which led to Kayode Bello’s expulsion. We condemn the culture of seat reservation in an institution that is meant to be a training ground for fighters for egalitarianism.

We reject the accusations of the Nigerian Law School that Kayode Bello is inciting students against the school management based on his correct and regular complaints on the poor state of welfare on the campus.

We condemn the poor fate that Kayode Bello was exposed to by the management unto which he was deprived of a bed space in the Law School campus and he was forced to be sleeping in the open room.

We condemn the action of the  Chief  Security Officer who  led his team to  give Kayode  Bello a letter of expulsion to sign on July 21, which he  rejected upon which he  called for reinforcement and  dragged the poor boy out of the library and took him for detention at  the Bwari Police Station.

We call for the immediate recall of Kayode Bello in order to sit for his Bar Examinations, an immediate improvement of welfare conditions in all campuses of the Nigerian Law School in order for students to adequately prepare for the Bar Examination.

By: Emma. O. Emma
Legal Education Rights Agenda, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

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