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Nigerian lawyer appointed speaker at international legislative drafting conference

A Nigerian lawyer, Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja has been named as one of the speakers and co-organisers of the International Conference on Legislative Drafting and Law Reform.

The conference is hosted and held at the Headquarters of the World Bank at Washington D.C., U.S.A. on July 1, and 2, 2015. Dr. Jaja is the only African to be so honoured. Dr. Jaja obtained a PhD in law with a specialisation in legislative drafting from the University of London (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies).

He also obtained a Master in Laws (LLM) in legislative drafting degree from the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of Lagos campus.

Legislative Drafting is an emerging area of legal profession that focuses on the methods and processes for drafting of legislation, amendment of legislation and law reform.

Dr.Tonye Clinton Jaja, is currently employed as a legislative drafting lawyer for Nigeria’s National Assembly (National Institute for Legislative Studies-NILS) where he is also a law lecturer on the University of Benin/NILS Masters in Legislative Drafting programme.

He has worked as part of the Legal Team that drafted several pieces of legislation such as the Digital Rights Bill. On the international law scene, Dr.Jaja has been engaged by several international organisations and even foreign governments to provide legislative drafting training and services.

For example, last year May 2014, the United Nation’s FAO Headquarters based in Rome, Italy engaged Dr.Jaja as a Team Leader to provide legislative drafting training for members of staff of its Legal Department at Rome, Italy.

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