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NBA urges President Buhari to beam anti-corruption search light on judiciary, police

Onitsha branch of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to direct his government’s anti-corruption crusade to the judiciary and the Nigerian Police.

According to the NBA, “the two institutions touch the daily lives of the citizens and if are properly directed and guided, will positively impact on the lives of the people.”

The NBA in a statement, yesterday, issued by its Chairman Mr. Chuikwudi Obieze, said: “It has become very imperative for the present administration of President Buhari, to beam its anti corruption search light on the two institution in the country because they will make or mar the country”.

It expressed satisfaction with the President Buhari’s inaugural speech, adding that he will ensure the independence of the Judiciary, as stipulated in the constitution of Nigeria.

buhari-pix1“We note further the President’s pledge to ensure, within the limits of his constitutional powers, that the states of the Federation do comply with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as it affects the independence of the Judiciary,” he said.

While also congratulating President Buhari and his Vice, Professor Yemi Oshibanjo, for their inauguration, the NBA said:  “Ensuring the independence of the judiciary will make way for virile, strong and active judiciary that Nigerians and the international community will have confidence in.

“The recent strike action of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria, JUSON, to press for the implementation of the judgment of the Federal High Court, with respect to the independence of the judiciary, would not have been necessary, if the states of the Federation, pay heed to the stipulations of the constitution.

“It is our humble view that President Buhari has a lot to do, to convincing the various state Governments, to comply with the constitution of Nigeria, as the strike actions by JUSON, does not augur well for the citizens, who have matters pending in all strata of Courts.”

The Onitsha NBA also reminded the present government of the need to revive and restructure the power sector, adding that if Nigeria attained at least fifty percent sufficiency in power supply, the western world will not compete with the country.

“The new administration should ensure that all existing Federal Roads in the country are completely overhauled, so that the lives of the citizens that ply the roads will be saved and the stress the go through the roads, are reduced and possibly removed,” said the NBA.

On the Nigerian police whose image has terribly been destroyed by a few disgruntled elements within the force, the NBA said President Buhari needed to overhaul it, and prevail on the Inspector General of Police, the Police Service Commission, IGP to weed out the bad eggs destroying the police.


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