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NBA Boosts Members Welfare, Partners Healthcare Provider

In a bid to boost the welfare of its members the Nigerian Bar Association NBA has partnered with Tristate Healthcare Service Limited.

The healthcare company was at the just concluded NBA annual general conference in Lagos where it provided healthcare screening and medical treatment for lawyers.

Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Olukunle Iyanda, said Tristate did full screening of lawyers at the conference, which was the first time it would happen at any NBA conference.

The tests, he said, including urinalysis, cholesterol testing, prostrate cancer screening, glucose level checks and body mass index examinations to determine obesity.

His word: “The tests are to prevent issues of sudden death, high blood pressure for those who have it but don’t know; people who think it’s only when they’re fat that their obese; all of which contribute to heart diseases.

“Our strength is cardiovascular diseases treatment. We have done about 150 open-heart surgeries and a lot of other cardiac interventions. We discovered that prevention is better than cure.”

According to him, full cardiac evaluation was also done for lawyers, which involves heart ultrasound.

Iyanda urged lawyers, who are prone to depression and insomnia, to always ‘know their numbers.’

He adds: “When we say ‘know their numbers’, we’re talking about knowing their cholesterol level, their glucose level, their heart rate, the frequency of the tests depends on the age.

“If you’re above 50, you have to undergo such tests at least once every six months. If you’re in your 40s you may do it once a year. It also depends on what the numbers say.”

President/Chief Executive Officer of Tristate Healthcare Systems, Prof Kamar Adeleke, who delivered lectures at the conference, identified ways of preventing sudden death.

Adeleke stated that sudden death is a major problem in Nigeria, adding that the lead causes are diseases of the cardiovascular system and ranking second are diseases of the nervous system and respiratory system

By Silver Nwokoro
The Guardian News

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