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Lagos magistrate alleges threat to life

A Lagos magistrate, Mrs. Adeola Adedayo, has raised the alarm over alleged threat to her life by two suspects being tried before her for alleged unlawful possession of firearms.

The suspects, Sulaiman Sanusi and Kehinde Sanusi, both children of the late Lagos business mogul, Chief Abdul-Rasak Sanusi, are being prosecuted by the police, which also accused them of treating the court with contempt.

Adedayo, who sits at the Igbosere magistrate court in Lagos, raised the alarm at the resumed proceeding on Monday that she had received various petitions delivered to her residence from the suspects, who had yet to be arraigned.

The magistrate said she was disturbed that the suspects had known her residential house and had detailed her personal life in the letter written and delivered to her house.

She said, “I feel very threatened, let the world know about it so that if anything happens to me and any member of my family the whole world will know who to hold.

“I don’t know why a defendant should know my house; my life is at risk. Somebody is alleged to be in possession of firearms and he wrote petitions to threaten my life analysing my marital status, my family background and where I live, who I live with and how I move in and move out everyday.

The magistrate went further to threaten the lawyer for the Sanusi brothers, Gbolu Agbaje-Akadiri, with contempt of the court, saying she was not pleased with the counsel’s disposition to the matter.

The magistrate added, “I want the world to know about the threat, so that I will not be killed like others, who have been killed in the past; so that if anything happens to me, they would know who to hold responsible.”

In the charge marked A/143/2014 instituted by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Suleimon was specifically accused of unlawful possession of firearms.

The police insisted that the Sanusi siblings had acted contrary to Section 104 (1) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011 and Section 4 of the Nigerian Firearms Act.

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