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Korra Obidi: Divorce not for the weak-minded

Korra Obidi and estrange husband

Popular American-based dancer, Korra Obidi, has offered insights into some of the painstaking and consequences of divorce.

In March, she divorced, a month after she gave birth to her last child.

The mother of two had accused her husband, Justin Dean of physically assaulting her.

But Dean, via Facebook live, maintained that he didn’t assault her physically but admitted calling her names.

The dancer and her estranged husband, Justin Dean, has always been at social media war following claims of cheating and domestic violence.

Via a video she posted on her platform she cried out that her children has been taken away from her for some days now and that it has left her broken.

“Don’t get divorced. It is not for the weak. Separated from your 6 months old for a whole week. I have been trying to keep my composure but last night I got broken because I saw strangers touching my child. It really broke me,” she said in a tears filled voice.