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Ex-Appeal Court Justice seeks decentralisation of Supreme Court
Supreme Court

Aretired Justice of the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal, Justice Peter Ige, yesterday called for the decentralisation of the Supreme Court for more effective administration of justice.

He said there is nothing wrong if the apex court has divisions in the nation’s six geopolitical zones, like the Appeal Court.

The retired jurist said the decentralisation of the Supreme Court would reduce its burden and enable it to deliver justice without delays.

Speaking at a valedictory court session for his retirement and 70th birthday at the Ibadan Division of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ige noted that decentralising the Supreme Court would help to bring justice to the grassroots.

He noted that in such a circumstance, the Appeal Courts would serve as divisions of the Supreme Court in the various zones instead of being restricted to Abuja alone.

The jurist said the Court of Appeal justices have been depleted due to retirements and deaths, thus making the workload of the intermediate court really heavy.

According to him, more judges need to be appointed, besides the 90 justices the Appeal Court is currently having.

Justice Ige also said there is need for all pre- and post-election matters to be determined before the swearing-in of the winners.

The retired jurist said pre-election matters should be instituted and determined before holding an election while post-election matters should be concluded before the winner of an election is sworn into office for the mutual benefits of all stakeholders in the electoral process and adjudication.

Also, the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, described Justice Ige as a remarkable individual and legal icon who deserves to be celebrated.

The Appeal Court president said Justice Ige exemplified the virtue of fairness, integrity, diligence and deep commitment to upholding the principles of justice expected of a judicial officer.

She noted that his contributions to the legal community extended beyond the courtroom as he shared his wealth of experience and knowledge through numerous paper presentations and legal consultations.

Justice Dongban-Mensem said Justice Ige’s willingness to impact wisdom and guide aspiring legal professionals had left an indelible impact on the next generation of lawyers.

She thanked him for his impactful, dedicated and selfless services to law and justice, saying his legacy would continue to inspire generations.