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Eastern Bar Forum (EBF) May This House Never Fall!! By Kaine Ananwune

Eastern Bar Forum ( EBF) was conceived as a rallying point for lawyers from the old eastern region of Nigeria. The founding fathers of this great forum invested so much in terms of energy, time, ideas and financial resources in their bid to ensure the firm entrenchment of the EBF. For over 12 years that EBF has existed, it has engendered unity, camaraderie and fellowship amongst It’s members.

Over the years, certain distinguished members of the EBF have contributed their benevolent quota towards the advancement the great ideals of the EBF. One gentleman who stands out in this regard is Chief Arthur Obi Okafor SAN. It was he who commissioned a football tournament within the EBF. (Over 40 football teams and officials are kitted, quartered, ferried and other numerous logistics provisioned) The tournament is presently on going for the past 14 months. I understand that it was this EBF tournament that provided the tonic that gingered Onitsha branch of the NBA towards emerging as champions at the 2017 NBA-AGC football competition at Lagos.

Besides those who have contributed selflessly towards the progress of the EBF, there equally exists another category of members who have benefitted immensely from the unity and good will of the EBF.

The Forum has a tradition of supporting any of their deserving members who signifies interest in contesting for any office at the national level of the NBA. Statistic would reveal that 85 percent of such EBF members who vie for national office with the endorsement of the EBF emerge successful.

On issues of common interest in the Nigerian bar, the EBF has consistently taken clear position upon consultations with various stakeholders primarily within the forum. In a nutshell the EBF has served as a veritable umbrella for lawyers of the old eastern region of Nigeria.

Most unfortunately however, some members of the EBF who previously were the chief beneficiaries of the good will of the EBF have recently queried the relevance of the EBF. According to this group, they have curiously maintained that EBF has outlived its usefulness. This group are of the opinion that the EBF ladder with which they ascended NBA national stardom must be burnt!
But the labour of our hero’s past shall never be in vain. In every established society, there is strength in unity, however, no member can claim indispensability. EBF can still exist and thrive in the absence of its traducers. However, when a man discards his umbrella under an illusion that the rains are over, may he always remember that the rains shall surely return in due course.

Let all the bonafide members of the EBF stand tall to defend the integrity of this August forum and may this house never fall.

The Nigeria Lawyer

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