Delta State Judiciary

Address: High Court Road Off Okpanam, Asaba

Website: www.deltastatejudiciary.com

Civil Procedure Rules: click here

Judges at the High Court of Justice in Delta State:

Hon. Justice Z.A. Smith, [Chief Judge] – H/Court I, Asaba Hon. Justice T.C. Makwe – H/Court II, Asaba Hon. Justice M. Umukoro – H/Court I, WarriHon. Justice P.M. Okoh – H/Court III, Asaba Hon. Justice T.O. Diai – H/Court , Ogwashi-UkuHon. Justice P. 0. 0.-Kuejubola (Mrs) – H/Court I, EffununHon. Justice G. B. Briki-Okolosi – H/Court IV, Asaba Hon. Justice F. 0. Ohwo – H/Court II, Warri Hon. Justice G. E. Akperi (Mrs) – H/Court I, Ughelli Hon. Justice P. J. 0. Anigboro – H/Court, Kwale Hon. Justice D. C. Maidoh – H/Court I, AgborHon. Justice K. 0. Okpu – H/Court, OgharaHon. Justice I. E. Okogwu – H/Court II, Agbor Hon. Justice F. 0. Oho – H/Court, Oleh Hon. Justice C. 0. Ogisi (Mrs) – H/Court V, Asaba Hon. Justice G. E. Gbemre – H/Court I, Sapele Hon. Justice A. 0. Akpovi – H/Court, Otu-Jeremi Hon. Justice A. A. Onojovwo – H/Court, Ozoro Hon. Justice Ebiowei Tobi – H/Court, UgheHi (to cover/Cl Bomac Hon. Justice A. Omamogho – H/Court, lsiokolo Hon. Justice P. N. Obanor (Mrs) – H/Court, lssele-UkuHon. Jusoce C. E. Achiefu (Mrs) – H/Court III. WarriHon. Justice E. Oritsejafor – H/Court II, Effunun Hon. Justice F. N. Azinge (Mrs) – H/Court, Otor -UduHon. Justice C. N. Ogadi (Mrs) – H/Court, Owa-OyibuHon. Justice N. E. Emudainohwo (Mrs) – H/Court II, SapeleHon. Justice T. 0. Uloho (Mrs) – H/Court, OrerokpeHon. Justice R. D. Hanriman (Mrs) – H/Court Ill, EffununHon. Justice M. N. Obi – H/Court, ObiarukuHon. Justice H. 0. Akpotohwo (Mrs) – H/Court. Akwukwu-lgbo