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Court sentences man to death over Osogbo bombing

Justice Adeyinka Aderibigbe of an Osun State High Court on Thursday convicted and sentenced Richard Adesanmi to death for detonating an improvised explosive device at the Osun State Government Secretariat in 2007 and causing the death of one person.

The convict, who was arraigned on six counts including murder, was found guilty of all the counts, by the court.

Count one was conspiracy to effect an unlawful purpose; count two; attempt to injure with explosives; count three, preparations to commit crime with explosives; count four, an act intended to cause grievous harm, is same as count five while count six is murder.

The convict and three other accomplices were said to have driven a car to the car park of the Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development at the Osun State Government Secretariat on June 14, 2007, where the explosive device went off.

One of the occupants of the vehicle, whose name was given as Taye, was dismembered by the explosive. The convict who lost one eye was treated at the secretariat clinic before he was taken away. Two other occupants of the car, Henry and Gboyega Olasogba, escaped and they were still been hunted by the police.

The trial judge sentenced Adesanmi to 40 years imprisonment for counts one to five, and the sixth count which was murder, said to be contrary to Section 319 of Criminal Code of Osun State, carried death sentence.

The prosecution team was led by the Attorney General of Osun State, Mr. Wale Afolabi, while the accused was represented by Mr. Wilson Atirene.

The prosecution called six witnesses to prove the case and tendered seven exhibits including the Peugeot 505 salon car, marked Ondo AL 850 NND, used by the convict and other occupants of the car one, who died in the blast.

Materials which could be used to make explosives were recovered from the car and they are; 900 grams tin, pliers, yards of dyna cord, nine volt batteries, jack knife and exploders.

The judge said, “The accused person, Richard Adesanmi, is sentenced to death for murder by hanging on his neck till he gives up the ghost. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”

The judge also sentenced the convict to two years imprisonment for counts one and two; seven years for count three; three years, count four; and 14 years for count five.

The atmosphere became gloomy immediately after the judge pronounced this and Adesanmi bowed down his head until he was taken away to the prison.

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