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Court Places 296 People on Terrorism List

An Egyptian Court on Wednesday placed 296 people linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood on its terrorism list.

The decision was issued by the Cairo Criminal Court.

The 296 were charged with involvement in “hostile’’ acts against state institutions, the state television station website said, without specifying when the court issued the ruling.

The decision could be appealed.

Other Egyptian media said the designated figures included several senior leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood, who are living outside the country.

Under Egyptian law, those put on terrorism lists are barred from leaving the country and their assets are liable to be frozen.

Those living abroad are put on a watch list and could expect to be arrested on their return.

Egypt has rounded up hundreds of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and followers since the army’s 2013 overthrow of president Mohammed Morsi, a senior official in the Islamist group.

In late 2013, the government listed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, accusing it of involvement in a series of deadly attacks in the country.

The group has denied the charge that accused Egyptian authorities of oppression.


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