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‘Buhari’s anti-corruption war must start with EFCC’

An anti-corruption crusader and Chief Executive Officer of Panic Alert Security System, Dr. George Uboh, has called on the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, to begin his war against corruption with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Uboh urged Buhari to order investigation into the money and other assets recovered from the EFCC.

He alleged in his memorandum to the President-elect that hundreds of billions of naira worth of assets recovered from corrupt persons were not remitted to the Federal Government as required by the law.

The independent investigator said that he had written a letter on the issue to the incumbent President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, whom he said did not act on it.

His fresh letter to the President-elect read in part, “In view of your commitment to integrity, we are of the view that the first place to start your anti-corruption campaign is the EFCC.

“First, such a move will boost the public’s confidence in your inherent desire to fight corruption. Second, many people who had been silenced by EFCC using Gestapo-styled powers will come forward to testify.

“Attached herewith are the documents we sent to the President, to wit: open letter to the President and 51-count criminal charges against the present and former leadership of the EFCC and all aforementioned documents germane to Bayelsa/EFCC saga; we are ready, willing and able to tender boxes of documents to prove each and every count of the 51-count criminal charges.”

Uboh recalled the case of Bayelsa State where EFCC claimed in its exhibit record that the amount recovered from a former governor of the state, Diepreye Alameyesiegha, and due for remittance to the state was N4,152,344,643 and USD1,300,000.

He said, “As at 18/01/2010 EFCC remitted N3,128,230,294.83 to Bayelsa State vide EFCC recovery account NO. 002-00893-s41-01-7 with CBN. Consequently, EFCC still owed Bayelsa State N1,484,965,806 and USD1,300,000 as at the time of the remittance.”

According to him, what was recorded in EFCC’s exhibit book is a fraction of what was taken from Alameyesiegha. Most of the cash and assets seized from Alameyesiegha abroad by EFCC never made to the exhibit record.

He recalled in the letter that the incumbent governor of the state mandated him to recover from EFCC the outstanding money recovered from Alameyesiegha following which he wrote the commission and the commission agreed to meet him.

Uboh explained to Buhari that EFCC using a Gestapo-like style coerced the state governor to withdraw the mandate to recover the fund.

According to him, EFCC did not deny holding on to funds belonging to Bayelsa but rather threatened the state governor who wrote to him terminating the mandate given to him to recover the withheld funds.

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