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Baba Ijesha betrayed my trust – Princess

Seven days after police arrested popular actor, Olanrewaju James aka Baba Ijesha for allegedly defiling a minor seven years ago, his colleague, Damilola Adekoya aka Princess, has opened up on what led to the arrest.

In an emotional-laden video on Instagram, Princess narrated how Baba Ijesha, whom he allowed into her home for help, turned around to defile one of the children she housed as a guardian.

Princess, in the 16- minute video, couldn’t help fight back the tears as she narrated how Baba Ijesha defiled the young lady and how he was eventually caught on camera through a hatched plan.

The genesis

“I’ve heard and read what had been written and said in the past few days. I don’t even wish anybody should go through what I am going through.

“Some years ago, I had challenges with my marriage and I lost my baby so some parents in my area, out of compassion, allowed their children to love me so that I don’t feel lonely. They were six children – three boys and three girls.

“Now, Baba Ijesha had challenges and he asked me for help, so I tried my best. I registered him in a lesson, sat him for GCE and we even tried to get him into UNILAG.

The defilement

“So, he came that day and said he needed more help, so I allowed the children the three boys who wanted to go and play, and the youngest girl that followed them. My aunt was also around and Baba Ijesha was also around.

“So, when my aunt was leaving, I had to go downstairs to see her off and lock the gate and I didn’t know what happened in the spate of three to four minutes.

“The following week, the school called me to come and see my child. They said the girl sat on the brother’s leg and she started walking somehow. The also called the attention of the biological parents, who were staunch-born again Christians. They said the problem is probably spiritual, so they started praying.

The second defilement

“Meanwhile, I didn’t know he had warned her not to tell anybody and to make sure she didn’t tell anybody, he came back the next day to be sure if she had told anyone or not.

“He came in and said he bought some fruits and the girl should follow him to the car to get the fruits. When she got to the car, he used his key to defile her again after the first time.

“After then he didn’t come to my house again, but every time he needed assistance, he would call me to render help, so when people started saying he has been defiling her for seven years, I felt sad and bad.

“Fine, he defiled her, assaulted her and we just found but he never came to our house again, he was dodging me, so when he needed my assistance again, he called and I told him I wasn’t feeling fine because of my wedding which ended and it was wrong for me to be the one coming to him when he was the one that needed my assistance. He apologised and said he called because he was shooting and I said it’s okay and decided to go see him. I noticed he was avoiding me but I didn’t know why.”

The psychological effect on the victim

“Then the child started failing in school. I would pay for a private lesson and all. I even discussed with my family and the girl’s biological parents but they all said we should keep praying and I should keep the kids with me because I was also seeking a child of my own. I expressed to them that something is wrong with the child but everyone told me to have faith and fast and we all kept fasting.

“This continued but after two years, nothing changed but they all said I was nagging too much on the girl. All the children are grown now and they are all in boarding houses, so a friend of mine advised me to adopt a baby I can call my own.

“So in January 2020, I decided to adopt a baby but I was still worried about the girl’s condition and I wanted to get to the root of the problem. The children were home during 2020 because coronavirus kept us all at home and I wasn’t able to adopt a child.”

The plan to nab Baba Ijesha

“So, last month, I decided to adopt a baby because the children will be returning to school. I never imagined this was happening right under my nose because, for several years, I have been helping abused children and women with domestic violence.

“My friend and I called the girl one day after she saw a film that had myself and Baba Ijesha in it and just couldn’t be herself again. For several years after she had been molested and defiled, she never saw Baba Ijesha again and after much pleas, she told us what happened and I was so shocked.

“Immediately, I reached out to Baba Ijesha via Instagram DM because I tried calling him and his number wasn’t connecting. I told him I wanted to shoot a film and needed him for a role and he agreed to come and over.

“My mum and I had planned to sit him down and ask him the truth about the matter but my sister and friend had advised me to ensure I get evidence because he might deny it and people will support him.”

The expose

“On the day he was coming, I called in the CCTV company and they installed the CCTV. We asked everyone to go out and stay in the neighbour’s house and the girl became jittery and afraid because since the incident she hasn’t seen him again. Baba Ijesha later got in while those that came to install the CCTV were leaving and when he queried about them, I told him they were DSTV representatives and that I was going with them but will come back much later., so I dropped my phone and went out.

“Shortly after we stepped out, we started monitoring Baba Ijesha’s moves on a mobile phone. We noticed that he checked all the rooms to be sure he was all alone with the girl. He even checked for cameras, then he started.

“I can’t begin to relate the things he did because we were monitoring him on the phone but when she stood up to go into the kitchen and we knew there were no cameras there, we came in and called the police immediately. They picked him up and I asked him why and what led him to do what he did. He started talking gibberish.

“It’s sad to know that some people were asking for the video evidence and I wonder why and what for? The police have begun their investigation and Baba Ijesha confessed four times. Why would I want to set him up? Someone I was helping for years, what will I gain?

culled from THE NATION