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Venezuela assembly approves treason trial for opposition

Venezuela’s new constituent assembly has unanimously voted to put opposition leaders on trial for treason.

The assembly said it would pursue those accused of supporting United States economic sanctions against the country, the BBC reports.

Washington approved the measures last week in response to what it called the “dictatorship” of President Nicolás Maduro.

President Maduro has accused the U.S of trying to cripple Venezuela’s economy amid an ongoing economic crisis.

U.S President Donald Trump signed an executive order on August 25 to ban trade in Venezuelan debt or the sale of bonds from its state oil company.

The U.S President’s reasons included “serious abuses of human rights” as well as the creation of the “illegitimate” constituent assembly “usurping the democratically elected parliament.”

The constituent assembly, which was convened by President Maduro and comprising government supporters, has been condemned by international leaders as unconstitutional.

Members of the assembly on Tuesday unanimously approved a decree calling for the investigation of “traitors” who supported the economic sanctions.

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