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TUC urges N’Assembly to probe $9.3m scandal


The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has urged the members of the National Assembly to unite and investigate the $9.3m in the custody of the South African authorities.

In a statement on Wednesday, the union noted that the issue, which had already impacted on the country’s national image, was a delicate one, especially as the said money was taken out of the country without due process.

It implored the lawmakers to shelve their grievances that might had caused them to walk out on Tuesday and find solutions to the problem at hand.

The statement signed by the TUC President, Mr. Bobboi Kaigama, stated, “Perhaps more evident than the effects of this instant incident on the economy is its impact on the national image. It is undeniable that our integrity is at stake.

“Over the last two decades, our image in the eyes of the international community has plummeted so badly that Nigerians have been subjected to total, often embarrassing scrutiny everywhere in the world – an ugly situation which the late Information Minister, Prof. Dora Akunyili – battled to correct through her rebranding project.

“Having expended so much resources on the rebranding project, should the nation’s leaders remain indifferent to things that give us a bad name? Should we be seen as having made the late Prof. Akunyili, her band of patriots, and their likes go through all that trouble for nothing?”

The TUC, however, commended the Federal Government for owning up that the money was meant for procurement of arms and ammunitions to fight insurgency

According to TUC, the information should aid the House Committee on Aviation and any other committee that might be assigned to investigate the matter.

“Yes, we anticipate that they would do the needful, ask all cogent questions, fish out the corresponding answers and publish their findings. Nigeria’s image must not be rubbished any further,” the congress added.

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