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TCCP Chair Gives Reasons For The Different Brands Of NBA AGC 2017 Tablets

* Why Members Should Buy Airtime And Data Bundles

Ever since conferees started collecting the 2017 NBA conference materials, there have been several complaints. Some complained that they didn’t receive an SMS or any notification as to the collection, while some wondered why there are different brands of tablet given to them with varied costs in the market. Another group complained that they are being charged extra money to subscribe for data bundle at the collection point, and so many other issues. Based on all these agitations TheNigerialawyer was prompted to engage the TCCP chairman, Prof. Konyin Ajayi, SAN, who gave answers to these questions /complaints.

Why are people getting different kinds of tablet Brands which varies in market value?

By the time NEC approved TCCP’s plan it was too late to get manufacturers to deliver the planned single sources tablet. The market is not as deep as imagined and TCCP used the best it could get at the price within strike range of sponsorship bearing in mind tablets are being given for more or less free when fees paid by different categories are considered. It need be Bourne in mind that this is the first of its kind. Challenges occur with pioneering efforts

This payment for data and recharging thing at the point of collection wasn’t mentioned earlier or did we miss something?

It’s an option to buy data. The NBA cannot provide free data how could we afford that? Data plan given by TCCP is operative from August 21. If anyone wants to use the tablet now such may buy. TCCP is grateful to airtel for giving delegates a 30% discounted data plan. It’s voluntary. Those who don’t want are free to buy later at market price or not buy at all.

Some believe that NBA just got Airtel 10,000 more subscribers just like that; all of whom will spend at least 2,200 at the point of collection…. We want to know what we are getting in return for this patronage… how is airtel supporting NBA?

There’s no compulsion here. Airtel is giving out free SIM cards and assisting us by the use of their offices nationwide as distribution centers. At all events consider what it costs to take delivery of products that have nothing to do with you; sorting them out; couriering them to over 100 locations nationwide; cost of insurance of goods in transit; cost of procurement and managing of stock. Consider the cost of setting up WIFI along two kilometers for free for use by 10,000 people; consider time. If you are able to cost these you may find answers to your question what Airtel is doing for us

Why did we choose Airtel instead of our NIGERIAN brand – GLO?

We did not know till now that airtel was not a Nigerian company but why do you use anything imported? I thought this was a free market.

Why are we forcing our members to buy Airtel data and recharge? Can the tablets not work with other service providers?

Again I repeat, you are free to use any sim you want. TCCP has merely gone out of its way to provide something that thousands of people are most grateful for.

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