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Synagogue Coroner: Activist wants Magistrate to resign

Following the ongoing coroner investigation to the collapsed church guest house of Synagogue church of All Nations (SCOAN) last year, a frontline Youth Activist in Niger Delta, Comrade Jerry Agbalakoko Opuofeni, yesterday appealed to the Magistrate in charge of the investigation to follow the determinate spirit of the inquest or humbly resign for a more objective process.

In statement, Comrade Opuofeni stressed the need for the magistrate to apply best practice in Law around the world to address the scope/spirit of coroner’s inquest.

“The ongoing coroner inquest on the collapse Synagogue church guest house seem to be departing from the spirit contained in both article 2 of the terms of European convention on Human Rights and the coroner’s inquest Law, 2007″ he stated.

“I wish to state categorically that under the terms of article 2 of the European, Convention of Human Rights, governments in quote, are responsible and required to establish a framework of laws, precautions, procedures and means of enforcements, which will to the greatest extent reasonable, practicable to protect.

Since the Human Rights Acts, 1988 came to force in those cases (Synagogue case) alone, the inquest is now to consider the broader question by what means and in what manner.

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