Shake-up at NJI Rattles Workforce as CJN Renews Bozimo’s Tenure

The Board of the Governing Council of the National Judicial Institute NJI the training institute for judges, has granted the current administrator of the Institute, Justice Rosaline Bozimo, another four-year term.

Investigations conducted by The Daily Times also revealed that the governing board, headed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Walter Onnoghen, arrived at the choice of Bozimo after thorough deliberations with other board members.

It was further gathered that a major shakeup and certain deployment of members of staff will soon take place in the institute, once the administrator resumes in September for her second four-year tenure.The newspaper also learnt that Bozimo reportedly traveled outside the country after the governing council met and decided to extend her tenure. This is the second time the board will grant second term to the administrators of the institute.

The Daily Times recalls that the former Administrator of the NJI, Justice Umaru Eri, was the first to head the institute for two consecutive terms. Meanwhile, two senior accountants of the Institute, (names withheld) have been transferred. One of the senior accountants was reportedly transferred to the Kano State Division of the High Court while the other one was transferred to the Sharia Court in Abuja.

But our correspondent exclusively gathered that tension has continued to mount at the NJI, following discovery of alleged fraudulent activities of certain members of staff. Some workers of the Institute also expressed sadness over the decision of the CJN to renew Bozimo’s tenure, decried lack of welfare for the workers The source, who craved anonymity due to fear of victimisation said, the Institute has not fared so well in terms of staff welfare under the leadership of Justice Bozimo.

He said: “Our salaries are not usually paid as at when due since Justice Bozimo took over office. Sometimes; they delay the salaries for like two to three months. “When Justice Umaru Eri, was in charge, our salaries were usually paid promptly. Some of my colleagues were even attending various courses and training abroad but that has ceased since she came on board.

Nobody does that now. “To be sincere with you, all of us were counting down on August 1,2017, for her to go. All we were looking forward to was a new person that will have our interests at heart. Personally, I am very sad now”. Another source who also confided in our correspondent, said that several members of staff of the Institute may likely lose their jobs or be redeployed.

She said: “There is tension. I must confess, a lot of things have been going on. People are just whispering in hush hush tones because nobody know for certain who will be the next victim.

“All I know is that with her coming back, so many heads will roll.” Another source also told The Daily Times that nepotism is rearing it’s head at the Institute as certain interests are trying to protect their posts by enduring that those they can trust are put in certain places.

“But we are watching how the event will unfold when she resumes for the second tenure” the source added When contacted to get the reaction of the institute on the issues, a top source at the NJI who do not want his name mentioned because he was not authorized to speak on the matter, told our correspondent that there is no cause for alarm.

He said: “ There is no tension to the best of my knowledge and I don’t think that the administrator is going to sack or transfer anybody; but in case that happen, it is a normal routine”.

On the issue of the transfer of the two accountants, the source said that it is within the purview of the CJN, who is the Chairman of the board that governs the institute to transfer any member of staff.

The source added that the welfare of the workers is been addressed to change the narrative. Justice Bozimo was due to leave the office on August 1, but with the latest development, she will oversee the affairs of the office for another four years.

Source: Francesca Iwambe
The Daily Time News

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