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Seven Ebonyi lawmakers withdraw from Elechi’s impeachment move

Seven members of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly have withdrawn their involvement in the impeachment move against Governor Martin Elechi.

The members were among the 15 legislators that signed the impeachment notice against the governor.

The minority leader of the House, Mr. Enyi C. Enyi of the All Progressives Congress, announced the withdrawal when he briefed newsmen in Enugu on Tuesday.

“Our decision to withdraw from the impeachment plot was informed by far reaching consultations within and outside our constituencies.

“We were also touched by the deep political counseling from our leaders and elders.

“Most importantly, we were alarmed at the discovery that the impeachment, if consummated, would spew deep political bad blood and dichotomy between the two political blocs, Abakaliki and Afikpo.

“Moreover, if the impeachment is pursued to its logical end, each member of the fourth plenary of the state assembly would wear the stigma and badge of dishonor as the first set of lawmakers to impeach a governor in the South-East zone,” he said.

Enyi expressed regrets that the assembly which used to be an epitome of a peaceful and focused legislature had descended on a dangerous lane.

“The attempt to impeach the governor barely two months to the end of his tenure stood out as evidence of this loss of bearing.

“Some of us in the assembly, especially the integrity group, have been reflecting on what kind of legacy we intend to leave behind as our contributions to the growth of the state and democracy,” he said.

The lawmaker confirmed that there were many acts of impunity in the implementation of laws and administration of funds in the state during the present dispensation.

He stressed the need for genuine reconciliation among the political class in the state.

Enyi, however, urged the governor to gather all aggrieved parties irrespective of party affiliation, religion or zone for dialogue and reconciliation.

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