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‘Reject cases by disobedient agencies’

JUDICIAL Integrity Lawyers (JILAW) yesterday demanded action against agencies disobeying court orders.

It called on National Judicial Council (NJC) to direct courts to reject cases by  agencies disobeying court orders.

The group urged President Muhammadu Buhari to “address disobedience to rule of law and assault on Judiciary.”

JILAW, a group of over 250 constitutional and human rights lawyers, made the recommendations in a statement at its conference briefing.

“We believe persistent abuse of power by public officials is an aberration which has attained notoriety… We wish to state that equality before the law is the only true protection against oppression and undue influence that those in authority would dangle over heads of ordinary Nigerians.

“You will recall that it took direct intervention of President Buhari for the Governor of Central Bank to obey a judgment of Supreme Court on the naira redesign policy. This was after the flagrant disobedience to the preliminary judgement of the same court.

“Even now, our meeting agreed the Federal Government has not fully complied with the judgment with regard to other aspects of the policy, which has continued to put Nigerians through hardship.

“Another disturbing example of one of those institutions that have become notorious for disregarding the sanctity of our courts and infringing on rights of citizens, is Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).”

The lawyers reasoned that the implications of the disregard for the Judiciary and disobedience to laws, are beyond individual victims or the integrity of these agencies.

It said both at home and abroad, “this badge of shame stains our collective national consciousness and makes a daily mockery of Nigerian laws.”

They urged the NJC to direct courts not entertain any cases brought before them by any agency of the government that disobeys court orders.