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“Osinbajo Is Wrong Nigeria Is Divisible”- Agbakoba, SAN

Agbakoba in an interview with Vanguard said Osinbajo was wrong to have said that Nigeria is indissoluble. He said: “I see every politician saying restructuring, but I disagree. I think there is a misconception error in assuming that restructuring will work. I also think the Acting President was wrong to say that Nigeria is indissoluble.”

The senior lawyer said following agitations and the feeling of marginalization from various regions of the country, Nigeria can ‘blow up any day’. Stating that there is nothing sacrosanct about Nigeria, Agbakoba said, the country is an artificial creation. “It was made in 1914 and when it was amalgamated, we were not there. It was amalgamated for the interest of the colonialists who wanted to export things from Nigeria,” Agbakoba said.

“And since 1914, till date, we have not had any home grown process in which people are involved in with creation of their constitution. Nigeria’s sovereignty is not sacrosanct. Nigeria’s sovereignty is sacrosanct for those eyeing 2019.

“They will deceive us, and get to 2019, pretending that restructuring is the issue. They are now climbing on the band wagon of popularism. We are so gullible in this country,” he said.

Decrying the level of deceit of the masses by the elites, the senior lawyer said: “Among the 180 million Nigerians and 160 million youths unemployed, we have no road, no health care, nothing. Yet we continue to be deceived.”

“This is part of the warning we need to pass on as civil society. Restructuring is not in the interest of Nigerians. How many Nigerians understand what restructuring is about?” he asked.

Agbakoba had earlier been reported to have said the word restructuring was first used by civil societies in 1979. The senior lawyer said a serious discussion must be held between all regions of the country to lay down recommendations on the way forward for Nigeria.

Source: TML News

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