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Omitted Names For Collection Of #NBA2017AGC Tablets

Dear Delegates,

It has come to the attention of the TCCP that some persons who registered for this years NBA 2017 Annual General Conference (AGC) upon getting to their designated pick up locations to pick up their NBA AGC 2017 tablets realised that their names were not contained in the schedule of names with the Airtel officials.

All persons who fall in this category should please send a mail stating the peculiarity of their issue to and copy

The essence of delegates sending the e-mail is to ensure a detailed list of all those who fall in the category of those whose names are omitted from the list of persons to collect tablets is compiled and necessary action taken to address the issue. This e-mail should be sent on or before Wednesday 16th August 2017 to enable the TCCP attend to these issues at once so the pickup locations of such persons can be communicated before the Conference commences.

Further, please note that all persons who registered for the conference and did not specify a pick up location have their tablets classified as “designation-less tablets” and will not be able to pick up their tablets FOR NOW.

Airtel will ascertain a less congested pick up location for such designation-less tablets and these locations will be duly communicated to persons under this category in due course!

Please be rest assured that theTCCP  is very committed to ensuring all delegates get their tablets before the conference starts as promised.


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