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Omeri: Why Case against Nyanya Bomb Blast Mastermind was Bungled
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Coordinator of the National Information Centre (NIC), Mike Omeri

The federal government on Tuesday disclosed that the case of the alleged mastermind of the Nyanya bomb blast, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, was discontinued because the accused was not meant to face prosecution at the time he was arraigned.

Coordinator of the National Information Centre (NIC), Mike Omeri, said this at the resumption of its regular briefing in Abuja.

Omeri also explained that Ogwuche was arraigned at the Federal High Court in Abuja to fulfill the condition by the Sudanese authorities for his extradition to Nigeria.

“The case was instituted in the first place to satisfy Sudanese authorities,” he said.
Ogwuche was arrested in Sudan and brought to the country on July 15 this year on charges of being the mastermind of the 14 April twin bomb blasts in Nyanya, Abuja.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Abuja Federal High Court struck out the two-count charge preferred against Ogwuche, for want of diligent prosecution by the Nigeria Police Force.

“Sudanese government wanted to see that before this man (Ogwuche) is extradited he should be actually charged for the offence at home. Therefore, to fulfill the condition, Nigeria has to take him (Ogwuche) to court and we showed evidence that his case was in court. And so, they released him to us.

“Ordinarily, the case should not have continued, because the man (Ogwuche) is still in custody of the relevant security agency, all those things to be done are now being done diligently to ensure successful prosecution of the offender,” he added.

Omeri however, warned that some  civil groups are aiming to capitalise on the situation in the country to achieve their selfish interest in the forthcoming 2015 general election.

While condemning the recent bomb explosions in various parts of the country, Omeri  called for a stronger cooperation among the three tiers of government.

“NLC urges greater cooperation between the local and the state governments in the area of community policing and similar exercises that will effectively check terror activities in all parts of the country.”

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