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Noise pollution, human right violation – Lawyers

Some lawyers on Monday said uncontrolled noise pollution constitutes gross human right violation.

The lawyers said in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria that noise pollution infringed on the rights of others, aside its health hazards.

Mr Ahmed Goniri, the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Yobe, said it was important to protect citizens through strict application of existing laws.

“Naturally some people cannot sleep with noise around them, that means when you are making a noise, you are infringing into their rights of peaceful existence and enjoyment of their rights.

“It goes to show that you are tripling into someone’s right and this can be adequately taken care of by enactment of laws,”he said

He attributed the problem to the level of education of the people.

“We have so many problems actually in the society, we have a mix up of different people educated and non educated, to some, making a noise is something to be proud of and to others unnecessary noise making without considering where you are is definitely detrimental,” Goniri said.

The commissioner commended the Lagos State Government for taking steps to curb the challenges of noise pollution in the state.

Mr Abeny Mohammed, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, lamented that the issue of noise pollution has not been taken seriously in the country.

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