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Nigerian arrested in India for drug trafficking
Nigerian arrested in India

A Nigerian citizen, Charles Diffodile, has been arrested by the Indian Police for trafficking banned drugs to Kerala from Bengaluru, India.

55 grams of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine were seized from Diffodile by the Kozhikode Police at the time of his arrest.

The police further revealed that the Nigerian is a drug distributor to many areas in Kerala.

It was also revealed that Diffodile was involved in a drug case that the police were investigating  which led to the arrest.

“He was distributing narcotics to many areas inside Kerala. Police were investigating a drug case which led to the arrest of Charles from Bengaluru, Karnataka. He was on bail after another narcotic case,” Times of India quoted the police as saying.

In a video shared by Times of India, the Nigerian was seen handcuffed in the midst of many policemen, as the police chief spoke to journalists.