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NBA Vows To tackle Indiscipline Among Lawyers

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Abuja branch, on Thursday, reiterated its resolve to tackle indiscipline within the profession.

The Chairman of the branch, Mr Agada Elachi, announced this at the inauguration of the new executive members of the association in Abuja.

He said that the level of indiscipline in the profession was alarming.

“We pledge to tackle the issue of indiscipline among lawyers in the branch because the current level of indiscipline among lawyers is unacceptable.

“Some have blamed it on the Nigerian factor; others blame it on legal training.

“Whatever side of the debate you belong to, it is an emergency and something must be done about it immediately,’’ Elachi said.

According to him, the training of lawyers prepared them for high standard of discipline and upholding of ethics of the profession.

The chairman further said that the new executive of the association would ensure that discipline was upheld.

“The current momentum of instilling discipline in the profession will not only be sustained but will also be mainstreamed,’’ he said.

The NBA boss urged lawyers not to compromise their positions “for the proverbial pot of porridge.’’

Earlier, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Mathew Kukah, had urged the association to ensure that its members, particularly those handling electoral cases, were fair.

He said “there is the increasing feeling that the will of the people is often subverted by legal processes, leading to the belief that justice indeed is for sale to those who can afford it.’’

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, Miss Mary Akper, a lawyer, said one of the major features of a good lawyer was discipline.

Akper said a lawyer must be highly disciplined to resist whatever temptation that might make him or her to compromise or subvert justice.

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