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NBA requests lawyers to fill eight Supreme Court’s Bench positions

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has called for expression of interest from lawyers wishing to be appointed Justices on the Bench of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

 In a letter, dated June 14, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwooola, had requested NBA President Yakubu Maikyau to nominate suitably qualified candidates to be recommended for appointments to the nation’s apex court.

There are eight slots to be filled on the Bench of the Supreme Court.

 Two applicants are expected from each of the Southeast, Southwest and Northcentral, while one each is expected from Southsouth and Northwest.

 Following the request from the apex court, the NBA President had called for expression of interest from amongst the union’s members who are suitably qualified candidates from the aforementioned geo-political zones.

 Such expression of interest must be submitted to the national secretariat of the association on or before June 21, the NBA president said.

 He added that the expression of interest should include: a copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae; a copy of the applicant’s Call to Bar certificate; evidence of payment of Bar Practicing Fees (BPF) as and when due for 10 years preceding the application, inclusive of 2023; evidence of payment of NBA Branch Dues as and when due, for the past 10 years preceding the application, inclusive of 2023.

 Others are: evidence of attendance of at least 10 conferences of the NBA; evidence of membership of sections or fora of the NBA; certified true copies (CTC) of at least 10 judgments in contested cases conducted by the applicant within the five years preceding the date of application; a letter of good standing from the chairman of the applicant’s branch, and five letters of references, two of the referees must be Senior Advocates confirming that the candidate possesses the qualities set out in Rule 4(4)(1)(a), (b) and (d) of the National Judicial Council’s Guidelines for the Appointment of Judicial Officers for Superior Courts of Record, as reproduced hereunder:

 “…Good character and reputation, diligence and hard work, honesty, integrity and sound knowledge of law and consistent adherence to professional ethics; as may be applicable:

“Active successful practice at the Bar, including satisfactory presentation of cases in court as a legal practitioner either in private practice or as a legal officer in any public service; and

 “Credible record of teaching law, legal research in a reputable university and publication of legal works,” amongst others.