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NBA Moves To Check Lawyers, Indiscipline, Reconstitutes Disciplinary Committee

Following what it termed an upsurge of indiscipline by lawyers in recent times the Nigerian Bar Association NBA has reconstituted membership of its disciplinary committee in a bid to contain the challenge.

Speaking at the formal inauguration of nine (9) NBA technical committees, yesterday, in Abuja, the NBA President, Abubakar Balarabe Mahmoud SAN said that the association has found it expedient to reconstitute its disciplinary committee and would not fold its arms and watch helplessly as waves of indiscipline erode the culture of decorum, discipline and decency which had distinguished the legal practice as a noble profession.

“I like to say that we have had serious challenges of indiscipline and I like our members to reflect on this.” said Mahmoud.

“These challenges border on unruly behaviour which is contrary to the entrenched traditions of the profession.”
“These issues include discipline, respect for elders in the profession, seniority and decorum. I like to say that many of us are deeply concerned and have been despondent at the turn of events.

“At times, some lawyers make hateful comments against their leaders, against their senior colleagues. This is very unacceptable. We will really put a stop to this.”

“The spate of litigations by members across the country is worrisome. Believe me, one of the first challenges that confronted me as President of NBA was the spate of litigation from various branches.”

“In Abuja, here, we have had serious issues of indiscipline, indecorum and indecent conducts.

It is not about who is right but about what is right and appropriate for our profession.

Mahmoud continued: “I went to Osun State about two months ago and was confronted with serious issues of indiscipline perpetrated by our members who showed gross indiscipline to the Chief Judge, barricading the Chief Judge from entering the court premises. This is most unacceptable. I will plead with our members to show utmost restraint, utmost discipline and utmost respect.”

Mahmoud stressed that although times have changed, lawyers must remain mindful of comments they make on social media especially on issues concerning the legal profession. “Let us be advocates of discipline, let’s be advocates of decorum and let’s be advocates of decency” he said.

Source: TML News

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