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NBA Election 2018: Those Encouraging Paul Usoro SAN To Test His Popularity Should Advice Him To Bury His Ambition- EBF Warns

There has been avalanche of reactions to the innocent Sallah message sent by Paul Usoro SAN. The message apart from wishing us well, did not achieve any other other thing, rather it woke up the sleeping lions of Eastern Bar Forum (EBF) and knee jacked them into roaring actions.

I hope by now, the learned Silk has reevaluated his stand.

Those encouraging Paul Usoro SAN to test his popularity, should kindly ask him to bury such ambition. If they think by sponsoring and encouraging him, they are going to embarrass ndi igbo and the entire people of South East, I wish to state unequivocally that such people are stitching a suicide vest.

When it explodes, NBA will not come out of it intact. Rumored interest of Paul Usoro SAN is against the provisions of 2015 Nigerian Bar Association Constitution particularly Second Schedule Elections: Section 2.2 (C) Which reads “Where a position is zoned to any particular geographical zone, the position shall be rotated and held in turn by different groups and/or sections in the geographical zone”
The last time it was conventionally zoned to the South East in 2012, Okey Wali, SAN from South-South took it, with the support of Igbos despite Emeka Ngige, SAN showing interest.

Ndi Igbo being republicans and respecters of democratically reached consensus told Emeka Ngige, SAN not to contest but he tested his popularity against the collective interest of their kinsmen.

Same was the fate of Chris Uche, SAN against Olisa Agbakoba. Need I have to remind you of their state in the political affairs of NBA?

A man can cook food for his clan and the clan will finish it and ask for more; but can a man finish a food cooked for him by his clan?

Within the definition of “different groups”, there are only two groups in South East, i.e 4 Niger Delta and 5 Igbo states. Consideration, is not given to states but groups, so the kite being flown that ndi igbo should bring somebody from another state instead of Anambra, is merely calculated to embarrass ndi igbo like President Obasanjo did by making sure that all the 5 igbo states produced Senate President, when it was zoned to the South East.

The Niger Delta extraction of South East, made no bones of the fact that before Okey Wali, SAN from Port Harcourt Branch that it was O.C.J Okocha, SAN another PH based lawyer that took it. Why should a group of ndi igbo be splitting hair over nothing? Can we focus of ideas each candidate seeks to bring on board if elected?

Igbo bu ofu and must not allow outsiders to divide us along state lines. When we had East Central State, there was no discrimination; before the coming of the white man, there was no distinction from one igbo man and the other. We had better bond together like a bunch of broom stick before our enemies disintegrate us to ruin us.

This is the rotation order of the past 3 NBA Presidents of South Eastern extraction;

O.C. J Okocha, SAN–NBA Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Olisa Agbakoba, SAN–Lagos based, Onitsha NBA, Anambra State

Okey Wali, SAN–NBA Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Let the chain and brotherhood built over the years not be broken because of one man’s political ambition. Our unity and cooperate existence, is worth more than just two years at the helm of affairs of NBA.

Those parroting that by respecting NBA Constitution, one is being clannish, should move for the amendment of NBA Constitution and until that is done, it is a prelude to anarchy for senior lawyers to insinuate that NBA constitution should not be obeyed.

We are lawyers and respect for and promotion of the rule of law, must be our creed.

The Nigeria Lawyer

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