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NBA-AGC 2017: AGM Not For All Lawyers —Local Organizing Committee

The members of the Local organizing Committee of the 2017 AGC are currently in a meeting getting ready to receive 11,000 delegates from across the country.

There is so much hype about the conference though there are members who are aggrieved, especially residents of LAGOS who couldn’t register but wanted to attend.
Speaking with TheNigerialawyer correspondent in Lagos source appealed to the Lawyers who couldn’t register to bear with them and not to be upset.

One of the LOC member said “the conference was initially planned for 5000 attendees and this was because the TCCP felt that after the avalanche of complaint about the 2016 AGC members would boycott this year’s own but they were shocked.

He also said “there are few challenges in Lagos with respect to venues that can take the numbers that they are now expecting.”

“All in all, we apologize noting that AGC is for all lawyers, we are in a process and we can only do better.”

In chat with the source “urged lawyers in Lagos to look for alternative venues to host their friends from other states.”

“LOC is however looking at areas around the conference venue that can be used for this purpose and hopefully give our colleagues suggestions as to social event centers around to host and catch up with their friends. The conference venue and friendship center is however restricted to Conferees only,” source said

He further highlighted that “AGM is for all lawyers who have paid their practice fee. If however, choose to attend the AGM he must be able to prove that he is a Lawyer by showing his business card supported with some form of identification.once the venue is full, members will be restricted so it will be admission based on first come first serve ”

This is not the official statement from the LOC just the views of some of its members

As at the time of filing this report the meeting is still on-going. We will keep members posted.

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