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N3.8bn suit: PAP disowns list of beneficiaries tendered in court

The Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) has disowned 15 lists of over 1,200 beneficiaries purportedly empowered with starter packs and items in the ongoing suit at the Federal High Court in Abuja.

The Amnesty office said the list concerning request for payment of N3.8b to the 15 companies over alleged unexecuted contracts over the vandalised N60bn PAP training complex in Kaiama, Bayelsa State, could not be authenticated.

According to the Amnesty Office, the list which was tendered in evidence by the 15 companies containing names of alleged beneficiaries from States in the Niger Delta region are fake and cannot be authenticated.

The Amnesty Office made the clarification in a letter responding to the request from a law firm, Messrs. Folurunsho Aweda and Associates with reference number FAA/AMN/ABJ/MISC/29/8/22 and dated August 29, 2022.

It argued that after going through the list of beneficiaries as tendered by the 15 companies in connection with the distribution of empowerment items “the acknowledgement stamp shown on the list of beneficiaries forwarded by the law firm for authentication differed from the standard stamp used by PAP to receive documents from vendors.”

The letter disowning the lists submitted by the 15 companies, signed by the Principal Officer on behalf of the Interim Administrator, CO Mpi, Captain (Nigerian Navy), and dated 8th of September, 2022 also declared: “It was further observed that the character ‘OSAPND’ that appeared on the stamped list of beneficiaries forwarded by your law firm does not match the character on PAP stamp used by the Registry Unit during the same period (2019).

“There is no written evidence acknowledging the documents on all lists of beneficiaries submitted by your firm. Please note that a written acknowledgement is a standard documentation process in PAP.

“In the light of the above findings, PAP hereby states that the list of beneficiaries forwarded by Messrs. Folurunsho Aweda and Associates did not originate from the PAP as claimed. Hence, PAP cannot take responsibility for the lists.”