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Lawyers React To The Monetization Of New Seal And Stamp In Lagos State

The mandatory application of seal/stamp on affidavits in Lagos High Court and the payment that follows other than that of filing has resulted to much arguments in the Legal community.
This is as a result of the fact that apart from the payment that follows, there remains some form of curiosity amongst lawyers with respect to why the stamp/seal carries a Lagos State Coat of Arms with a background of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In one of the accounts gathered byTheNigeriaLawyer, it was confirmed:

“I experienced it this morning at the High Court Igbosere when I went to depose to affidavit for age declaration for a relative. While the background is Federal Republic of Nigeria, the logo is that of Lagos State with ‘Judiciary Lagos State’ boldly appearing in black. It has a serial number!”

Lawyers who have experienced the change whilst filing, affirmed that two separate receipts were issued them; one for seal amounting to N250, 00 and another for the affidavit amounting to another N250, 00. Information reaching us also confirms that similar measure has been introduced in Osun State.

According to one of the Lawyers who commented on the matter, the judiciary initially fixed N300,00 per seal but because of the need to really distinguish between genuine court judgments/orders from fake, our chairmen with our consent agreed to the innovation but for a lesser fee of N150 per seal. But he believes in his opinion that court staff will still have their way.

Others whilst reacting to the introduction, alarmed the failure or what they describe as lack of due consideration of the opinion of lawyers before embarking on the move, and well as the high monetary factor attached to it. Below are some of the comments:

“I wonder why we have to take each other for granted like this. Why can’t they consult and carry stakeholders along before introducing such a change especially with implications for validity of a process, not to mention the increase in costs?”

Not heard the subject discussed or debated within NBA circles before this sudden introduction unless perhaps it was missed.

They know that the lawyers in Lagos State will accept it and not embark on any protest like their counterparts in, I believe, Osun State who shut down the courts there a few months ago because of the hike in filing and other fees.      

I think we Should sue the Registrar of the Lagos Judiciary challenging the increase in filing fees as it will affect access to Justice and unconstitutional                       

It is to be affixed at the registries not by lawyers. The purport is to ensure proper authentication of documents and weed out touting and similar practices around our courts. It is inspired by the stamp introduced by the NBA in 2015 and was designed by the same contractor. A similar seal is already in use in Ogun State to authenticate CTC of court judgments.                       

I have no problem with the innovation I have serious problem with the monetization of the idea; N250 for a stamp.       

Will the stamp stop the practice of the registry entering multiple processes on a single receipt on the excuse of shortage of receipt?                        

Some of the judiciary staff are touts…While some have their agents touting for them in the court premises… Though is a welcome development but I don’t reckon with the idea of monetizing it highly.                       

We seriously need a permanent liaison office between the NBA and the judiciary

Source: The Nigeria Lawyer

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