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Lawyer threatens suit over appointment of ministers

A Kaduna-based lawyer, Sunny Akanni, has threatened to challenge President Muhammadu Buhari in court if he failed to appoint ministers from each of the 36 states of the federation as stated in the Constitution.

He said it would amount to gross violation of the Nigerian constitution if the President failed to appoint ministers to represent each state of the federation.

According to him, the constitution is so clear on ministerial appointments by the President, wondering why the President would be contemplating reducing the number of ministers in order to cut cost.

The lawyer said, “I have heard speculations that the President wants to reduce the number of ministers to be appointed to save cost of governance. That is a very good step and I commend him for that, but in taking such step, he has to be conscious of the provisions of the Constitution as well.

“Section 147 of the Constitution said the President shall appoint at least one minister from each state of the federation, who shall be indigene of such state.

“So, if a minister is not appointed from my state, I will challenge it in court because that is a violation of the provisions of section 147 of the Constitution. So it is compulsory that he appoints ministers from each of the states, he has no choice.”

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