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Lawyer Serves NBA President with Notice of Impeachment
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Augustine Alegeh (SAN), NBA president

By Tobi Soniyi in Abuja

A human rights lawyer, Carol Ajie, has filed and served a notice of impeachment on the  president Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Augustine Alegeh (SAN).

Ajie brought the impeachment notice pursuant to Articles 4, 9, 12(i), 14(a), (b) &(c) of the NBA Constitution, Standing Order 20 (a) & (b) of the Second Schedule to the constitution of the NBA.

The impeachment notice reads: “Notice is hereby given that at the National Executive Committee meeting of the NBA, holding on November 12 to 14, in Le’Meridien Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, members of NBA-NEC, will consider and or move to pass a vote of no confidence on Mr. Augustine Oyarekhua Alegeh (SAN) as encapsulated in the NBA Constitution and the second schedule to the standing orders and the inherent powers vested in NEC-NBA.

“A resolution removing Mr. Augustine Oyarekhua Alegeh (SAN) forthwith from the office of the President of the NBA in pursuance of Article 9(e) (vii) to wit: “The NEC may appoint one of their members or a suitable member of the Association to fill and/or perform the duties pertaining to a vacant office”…. which said vacancy may occur  due to any cause shown  and  the Second Schedule to the NBA Constitution, Standing Order  20(a) that:“Offices shall be vacant by effluxion of time, death, resignation, removal, or for any other reasonable cause.”

A resolution replacing Alegeh forthwith by appointing a suitable person to the office of the President from the list of candidates presented at the July 15, 2014 biennial delegates election in Abuja in order of ascension of votes that is to say Adesina,
Adekoya, Akintola, and Erhabor, whomsoever of the candidates is available in accordance with the Second Schedule to the NBA Constitution, Standing Order  20 (b) that “Any vacancy occurring in any office after a Biennial General Conference may be filled by the NEC.”

The notice is premised on the following grounds: Article 12(i): Disqualification from holding national office:

By virtue of Article 12(i) of the NBA Constitution, “a member shall not be qualified to hold any national office in the association, if during election campaigns” he underwrites a voting delegate’s travel, board or lodging expenses. The notice alleges that Alegeh is a member of the NBA and was a candidate for the office of the President to whom Article 12(i) supra applies.

Following Alegeh’s election at the biennial delegates conference in Abuja on July 15, his inauguration held on August 29, 2014 at the annual general conference in Owerri wherein he admitted barefaced breach of Article 12(i) of the NBA Constitution, at page four of  his written speech to the effect that he was “compelled to provide accommodation and logistic needs for the delegates in a manner that may compromise the decision-making process of the candidates.”

Ajie said this amounted to misconduct which the constitution prohibited.
According to her, Alegeh has evidently lost the moral and legal authority to be President of the NBA.

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