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Lawyer blames ignorance for rights’ violations

A legal practitioner, Kehinde Adegbite, said Nigerians could defend their constitutional rights in a law court if they understood the laws of the land.

During the public presentation of his book entitled, ‘Learning the laws in Nigeria,’ at the University of Ibadan, Adegbite said he wrote the book for lawyers and non-lawyers and that he was encouraged after studying the attitude of Nigerians to simple legal issues.

The author said many Nigerians had found themselves in jail because they could not handle simple legal matters, adding that with the book, most Nigerians could afford to defend themselves in a law court without necessarily engaging a lawyer.

He however said that the effort was not to eradicate the relevance of lawyers in the society.

“What I intend to achieve primarily is to empower the populace because I have realised that law covers everything. Everybody is affected by law one way or the other on a daily basis. I feel that people will be more informed in their decisions after reading this law book,” he said.

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