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Judiciary responsible for Nigeria’s stability – Lawyers

Mr Yinka Farounbi, Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja Branch, and other prominent lawyers have commended the Judiciary for the sustainability of Nigeria at 54.

The lawyers expressed their views in separate interviews on Wednesday in Lagos as the country celebrates its 54th independence anniversary.

They said that various judicial pronouncements and landmark judgments had not only helped in sustaining Nigeria’s democracy, but had also helped in unifying the country.

Farounbi said the judiciary had performed better than the other arms of government, the Executive and Legislature.

“Honestly, if the other arms of government have performed the same way the judiciary has done, we would have passed the stage we are today in Nigeria democracy.

“So I give kudos to the judiciary in terms of giving stability to the country,” Farounbi said.

Also speaking, Mr Taiwo Taiwo, a former NBA chairman, Lagos branch, said the judiciary has been very stable and done very well for the country.

Taiwo said the judiciary had contributed its quota to democratic principles and ideals.

“A lot of decisions were made by the judiciary concerning election petitions, and in many other areas which have helped in re-shaping the country.

“So, I think we should give kudos to the judiciary for what it has achieved so far.”

Similarly, another lawyer, Mr Wale Ogunade, said the judiciary has become the last hope of many Nigerians because it is seen as an impartial umpire.

“Whenever there is problem in the land, people run to the judiciary for interpretation of the law, whenever there are issues to be resolved, people run to the judiciary.

“It has entrenched the culture of civility in the country and dissuaded people from resorting to self-help or lawlessness in the society.

“That is why we must continue to protect the integrity and interest of the judiciary in Nigeria,” Ogunade said.

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