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INVASION OF APC DATA OFFICE:Jonathan bent on pushing Nigeria towards anarchy —Buhari

ALL Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of being determined to push Nigeria into anarchy in the shortest possible time.

CPC Presidential candidate, Gen. Buhari

Reacting to the recent invasion of the APC Data Centre in Lagos by security operatives, Buhari alleged that the Jonathan presidency had “mastered the art of how to push a nation into chaos within the shortest time possible.”

Also, the APC leadership likened last week’s police invasion of the National Assembly to a coup.

The party, however, called for an independent inquiry to determine who ordered the invasion and for what purpose “with a view to preventing a recurrence and also meting out the necessary punishment to those behind it.”

In a statement made available to Vanguard, Buhari, who decried the invasion of the party’s data centre said “the desperation of the PDP grows by the hour.”

Condemning the abuse of power, he said there was an attempt by the Jonathan administration to level the opposition.

The former Head of State said “almost everyday, the Jonathan presidency seems intent on demonstrating for all to see that they have mastered the art of how to push a nation into chaos within the shortest time possible.

“The early morning attack by security operatives on the APC data centre in Lagos on Saturday, November 22 is one such display in a growing chain of abuse and violation of the constitution and political rights of the people. It is a reckless act that must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.”

Faulting the invasion, he said the Jonathan government could not claim ignorance, adding: “The security operatives conducting this illegal raid must have been ordered from Abuja. They would not have done what they did unless given the mandate from their high bosses in Abuja.

“Attempting to defend the indefensible, they fabricate a story that the attack was necessary because criminal activity was taking place at the centre. These statements are such plain lies.”

Besides, the presidential hopeful expressed worry that “these acts are but a foretaste of things to come. From these attacks, this government is signalling to the Nigerian people they have no intention of holding anything resembling free and fair elections. Their goal is not to create a level electoral playing field. Their goal is to level the opposition into the dust through the abuse of federal power.”

Police invasion of NASS a coup —APC

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said using weapons to attack an arm of government and preventing it from carrying out its functions are tantamount to a coup, adding that the tear gas that was fired into the National Assembly by an invading force of policemen is a chemical weapon.

It said: “We are demanding the independent inquiry in view of the seriousness of the armed attack on the National Assembly and the danger it poses to our democracy. We are also alerting the international community to the happenings in Nigeria and urging them to show interest because of their investment in the country’s democracy.”

The party said denial by the Presidency of its involvement in the “senseless attack” is not enough to stop the finger-pointing at it (Presidency), “especially because no one, not even the Inspector General of Police, will have the temerity to stop the nation’s number four citizen from entering the National Assembly without an express order from the President.”

According to the party, “this is why we have continuously held the President responsible for last week’s show of shame,” noting that the IG is just a tool in the hands of a President that has perhaps done more than any other President before him to truncate the nation’s democracy.”

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