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Important Notice to all NBA2017AGC Delegates

The TCCP in its determined efforts of having an itch free and rewarding conference encourages delegates to take note of the following very important information;

 The Programme for the NBA2017AGC is now available for download on the conference website (

 The access cards that admit Delegates to the main conference venue have variations of colour codes. The essence of the variations is to identify the door that allows you access into the conference hall.

 If your access card does not contain photo of yourself you will need a photo Identity card that identifies you as the person whose name is on the access card in your possession.

 Delegates who did not indicate pick up locations while registering will pick up their tablets at the Airtel Experience Centre, Adeola Odeku street Victoria Island, Lagos.

 The collection of access cards at centres outside Lagos will close today Friday 18th August 2017 at 12 noon.

 All access cards not picked as at 12 noon Friday 18th August 2017 from the designated pick up locations will be returned to Lagos for pick up at the Nigerian Law school on Sunday 20th August 2017 from 10 am.

 All delegates are advised to keep their cards with them at all times during the conference as it is the only means of access to any part of the conference venue and events.

Welcome to the #NBA2017AGC … #ABraveNewBar

NBA-AGC2017 Media & Communication Unit

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