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How and Where to Easily get your Conference Materials – Akpata gives Update, Decries Delegates Violent Behavior

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Olumide Akpata has assured all delegates at the ongoing Annual General Conference that they will all get the Conference Materials.

The President was reacting to the destruction and looting of the conference Material Collection venue lampooned the violent action of some delegates in destroying the venue and looting the available conference materials.


As you may already know, the registration center for the collection of materials by delegates at the ongoing Annual General Conference was broken into, vandalised, and looted by some delegates last night with most of the conference materials carted away and lawyers/registration officers injured.

Whilst we acknowledge and regret that there were lapses in the distribution process, last night’s incident was a national embarrassment as some of our members conducted themselves in a most despicable manner not expected of members of the profession.

We cannot afford to risk the lives and safety of our members, colleagues and contractors at the conference venue on account of collection of materials. I have therefore met with the leadership of the TCCP, and a decision has been taken for the destroyed registration center at the conference village to be shut down and it is now being shut down. However, alternative arrangements have been made for the collection of materials by delegates. The new collection center is the BWC Hotel that is located opposite the Eko Atlantic. This new collection center is smaller than the previous one (which is now unusable) and as a result, access to it for collection of materials would be controlled in the following manner:

Collection of materials will commence at 2pm today (Wednesday 24 August, 2022) at the BWC Hotel.

Delegates will be admitted into the collection center in batches of 80 at a time.

Delegates are expected to be seated (or to provide their details) in Breakout Room D at the Eko Atlantic pending when they are called, or sent a text message, to come to the collection center to pick up their materials.

We assure you that every delegate would get his or her materials and therefore encourage our members to cooperate with the registration officers in this process so as to avoid a repeat of last night’s ugly incident.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

NBA President