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Fayose asks NJC to probe Ekiti judiciary crisis


Ekiti State Governor-elect, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has asked the National Judicial Council to investigate the allegation that he was involved in the beating of a serving judge in the state.

Fayose said the investigation would open what he described as cans of worms in the state judiciary.

He said it would be wrong for Nigerians to rely on what they were being fed by members of the All Progressives Congress on the issue, saying he was begging the NJC to look at all the issues at stake dispassionately and be guided by the truth.

Fayose, who spoke with journalists in Abuja on Monday, said that all the news about his involvement in the Ekiti violence was a part of a plot by the APC to cause crisis in the state with a view to prevent his inauguration on October 16.

He said, “What I’m saying is that the National Judicial Council should conduct a thorough probe of the happenings in Ekiti State judiciary and through that, the rot in the system will be exposed.

“A lot of things are happening there and there are signs that some judicial officers are conniving with the outgoing governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, and the APC.

“The current crisis is an agenda of the APC and their sole aim is to try and get through the back door what the people of the state did not give them on June 21 when they voted overwhelmingly for me and the Peoples Democratic Party.”

He said there was no way he, as a former governor, could have raised his hand to beat a judge, adding that he was not even capable of beating a house help.

Fayose said he was being portrayed in bad light in order to create the impression that he is a bad person.

He said, “I did not and cannot slap a judge. I cannot slap a houseboy, let alone a High Court Judge, and I have utmost respect for judicial officers.

“The media propaganda that I beat up a judge is an APC agenda to portray me in bad light having failed to take my mandate through the back door.

“The Ekiti State Attorney General, Wale Fapounda, has disclosed that he has spoken with the judge in question, and he spoke on Sunrise programme on Saturday morning on Channels TV where he made it clear that the news that I slapped the Judge was all lies.

“I did not enter Justice John Adeyeye’s court because I had no business to transact there. The Tribunal venue, where I went to, is quite a distance from Adeyeye’s court. Then the pertinent question is, ‘at what point did I meet him?’

“Is it that the Judge left his courtroom with his robe to face so-called protesters? Investigation will reveal all this.

“Up till now, nobody has been able to provide photo or video evidence that I slapped the judge.”

The governor-elect noted that PDP leaders were aware of the various petitions written to the NJC by APC leaders in Ekiti, saying investigation would reveal the truth.

He also stated that the actions and utterances of Fayemi in recent times showed a collaboration between him and some judicial officers.

He said, “For the information of all, I am openly expressing my readiness to appear before the committee to be set up by the NJC even after I must have been sworn in, to testify on the issue, if need be.

“The whole issue was part of a grand plan by the APC to cause mayhem and through it, install the Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly as acting governor, which the people of Ekiti has seen through, and are ready to stop at all cost.”

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