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CRISIS IN NBA LEADERSHIP: Akpata Withdraws Oduah’s Secretary, Disowns Constitutional Amendment Withdrawal Notice

The General Secretary had in response to criticisms and threats of Litigation against a proposed amendments to the NBA Constitution issued a withdrawal notice of an earlier notice she sent on 27th July 2022 and a counter notice sent by the Assistant General Secretary, Uchenna Nwadialo on 28th July 2022.

But in a swift reaction, the NBA President, issued an email to members disclaiming the Notice of Withdrawal issued by the General Secretary because it was not authorized by him or any other National Officers.

The NBA President in his disclaimer, explained that the General Secretary’s Notice and the Assistant General Secretary’s Notice of July 27th and 28th respectively subsist and urged members to ignore the General Secretaries withdrawal Notice.

He further explained the importance of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment to members while noting that the amendment will consolidate his numerous achievements in office.


Speaking with BarristerNG, the general Secretary, Madam Joyce Oduah stated that she acted within her constitutional powers as the NBA General Secretary and in accordance with NBA Constitution.

She stated that the NBA President in a bizarre manner has refused to speak to her for weeks. That she had made more than 15 calls spanning weeks to the NBA President’s phone and all went unanswered, all her text messages and social media messages  to the President were also unreplied for weeks. All her attempts to talk with the President to resolve any misunderstanding was rebuffed and when she finally walked into Akpata’s Office to speak with him, the enraged NBA President walked her out of his office to her utter embarrassment. The President has also without any explanation withdrawn her official Secretary and stopped the IT department from sending her messages to members.

Madam Oduah further noted that her notice of withdrawal was in response to criticisms and threats of Law suits against the proposed amendments to the NBA Constitution and in accordance to the NBA Constitution.

The Olumide Akpata Administration’s tenure will end in two weeks, leaving members wondering why this crisis that will distract their otherwise steller performance in office at this time…