Catfish consumption healthy —FISON

The Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) has debunked high level of fat in locally produced catfish saying its consumption is healthy and of high nourishment to the body.

While encouraging more patronage of the produce, in a statement signed in Lagos by Dr Charity Oche, the National Secretary of FISON, said that recent publications condemning consumption of local

catfish because of its high level of fat had no local research facts.

According to her, “It said that the African catfish constituted wholesome health friendly food with enormous nutritional value, apart from creating jobs and providing meaningful livelihood for Nigerians.

“There is need for caution in parading imported research results from around the world and publishing such as representing the catfish or other fish varieties in Nigeria.

“Findings on catfish found in USA are different from that of the African catfish variety popularly known in Nigeria.

“So, it will be wrong to pick certain reports on the internet and interpret them as being representative of what is obtainable here,” she statement said.

FISON said that the outright condemnation of the catfish in Nigeria as having high level of fat was inappropriate when the media had not balanced

it with appropriate information from the Nigerian production system.

It, however, advised the media to reach out for authentic results from research institutes and other relevant professionals.

“Currently, valuable research results are available for the asking while other appropriate research works within the purview of our national farming system is ongoing,” FISON said.

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