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BPP University partners Nigerian Law School

BPP University, London has launched a partnership with the Nigerian Law School (NLS) with a three months top-up masters course for NLS graduates.

BPP dean of faculty of law and CEO of BPP Law School, Professor Peter Crisp, said the partnership is aimed at celebrating the flourishing legal sector in Nigeria as well as addressing the different ways that the legal profession can continue to expand through round table discussions.

The new programme is on offer exclusively to Nigerian Law School graduates and legal professionals, and provides them with the opportunity to study towards an LLM in Trans-national Criminal Justice (TNCJ), Comparative Commercial Law (CCL) or International Business Law (IBL) at BPP Law School’s Holborn campus in London.

Crisp said: “The launch of the LLM courses in Nigeria will provide graduates and professionals with the opportunity to gain specialist experience that otherwise may not have been available to them. More than 3,300 of BPP University’s students are international students and we are dedicated to continuing to expand our presence in the overseas market and forging integral relationships with partners like Nigeria Law School.”

In her remarks, Hon. Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun said the programme is an exciting addition to the existing avenues for enhancing the professional qualifications of legal practitioners in Nigeria. “The course is certainly timely having regard to the prevailing rate of foreign exchange and the falling value of crude oil in the international market. Going overseas for further education is a rather daunting at the moment. To have a post graduate programme of this nature for a fraction of the cost of spending a whole year abroad is a fantastic opportunity. The short duration of the course would allow legal professionals to enhance their professional skills without too much disruption to their normal work schedule. It would also make it easier for firms to release their staff. I must commend the NLS for their initiative”, she declared.

The Supreme Court Justice also said the BPP University’s Legal Practice Course has provided excellent training for would-be barristers and is a popular choice of Nigerian Students. According to her, to have this expertise at the post graduate level in collaboration with the Nigerian Law School is an opportunity that should be fully embraced.

“I welcome this innovation in legal training in Nigeria and wish the Nigerian Law School and the BPP University a very rewarding and successful collaboration”, she concluded.

The Nigerian Law School was set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1962 to provide practical training for aspiring Legal Practitioners in Nigeria. It has since then remained a strong force in promoting legal excellence in Nigeria. This new partnership with BPP University is in alignment with the Nigerian Law School’s culture of promoting excellence in the professional development of lawyers in Nigeria.

BPP is one of Europe’s leading providers of professional education. Through a combination of academic rigour and professional expertise, the University has earned an excellent reputation by its unique approach to the education and training of professionals.

BPP gives professionals the tools they need to expand their capabilities and boost their prospects. Degrees and training programmes are designed to help students break into some of the most prestigious and respected careers available.

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