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Afghanistan Crisis: We Must Preserve Nigeria’s peace, security- JUN

he Association of Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), an organization convened by journalist and commentator Fredrick Nwabufo, has urged Nigerians to seek peace at all costs.

“The usurpation of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan and the ensuing turmoil in the country, despite decades of military support from powerful countries, is a caution to all on why peace-loving citizens must defend and preserve Nigeria’s peace and security,” Nwabufo said in a statement released on Tuesday.
We Nigerians are the potters, and we must construct Nigeria with our own hands.

“The events in the country recently call for patriots to rise up and hold the fort. We cannot palliate the enormity of the challenges that confront us as a people today. We have come to a point where all citizens, statesmen and women, young and old, must hold out hands and a forge a common fist to deal with these existential threats.”

“We must embrace peace-building as a path to peace in our communities. We need state protection, but it is much easier when we are not propagating hate and division.”

“Nigeria is ours. Nigeria is worth fighting for. As a peace and national unity advocate, Association of Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) better known as Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) calls on all Nigerians and critical stakeholders in the country to make the pursuit of peace at this tempestuous epoch in our evolution a bounden duty.”

“JUN, a group committed to peace-building, national cohesion and progress, notes the agitations for secession in some sections of the country. While it is within the rights of anyone to agitate and seek self-determination, violence and coercion in any form, should not be part of any righteous advocacy.”

“We must denounce violence in all forms by all actors. Violence should not be found among civilised human species. Violence achieves nothing but death, broken bones, and spilled blood. When agitations result in loss of lives and property, the state naturally will move to restore order.”

“We would like to emphasise that self-determination is a universal right, but taking up arms to kill citizens and security agents pivots on the bounds of terrorism. All Nigerians should pursue constitutional means in whatever they seek. The cost of war is greater than the price of peace. There are no real victors in a war — only death and destruction.”

“We acknowledge some of the fundamental issues behind these agitations – social inequality, poverty, unemployment, injustice and corruption. These are issues affecting all the peoples of Nigeria. Every Nigerian is marginalised. And this is a consequence of leadership failure over the years. We ask the government to look into the underlying causes of these agitations – beyond deploying force. We cannot successfully treat the metastasising cancer if we do not surgically address the root causes.”

“We suggest that the government employ peace-building initiatives, dialogue where necessary and hold out the olive branch when practicable.”

“Section 24b of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) says “it shall be the duty of every citizen to help to enhance the power, prestige and good name of Nigeria, defend Nigeria”. JUN draws its mandate from this section of the constitution.”

“Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) is strictly non-partisan; not a pressure or lobby group, but a think-factory to connect minds in the media who are committed to a united Nigeria.”

“We believe the media possesses some of the brightest minds. JUN is more or less a discussion forum for like-minded people. It is non-partisan; it is not a pressure group. It is not a lobby group; it is not a political group. It is a forum where journalists can converge to exchange ideas and opinions on how to strengthen national unity

“We need in abundance citizens who can be Nigerians. It is our view that only journalists fit into this. By virtue of being men and women of the pen, we shape opinions and narratives. The sustenance of our unity rests largely in our hands. We must rise to the occasion and mobilise both the political class and the populace to imbibe our togetherness. We have no other country but Nigeria. Let us, through our profession, lead by example.”

“We would like to be emphatic here; this group was conceived out of a strong desire for the peace and progress of Nigeria. We believe we are stronger together.”

“Again, JUN is purely voluntary for Nigerian journalists. No financial rewards whatsoever; except for the psychological fulfilment that comes from knowing you are contributing to the peace and growth of your country.”

“We appeal to all Nigerians to put the unity, peace and security of Nigeria first in their engagements, public statements and actions” he said.

culled from TVC NEWS