2023: We are set to change the political narrative – NYAC

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

Nigeria Youth Alternative Council (NYAC) has called on Nigerians to join force with its team to change the country’s narrative and cause a shift in the polity.

Its president, Chukwuka Odimbu, while speaking with journalists in Abuja yesterday stated that Nigeria is currently at a critical crossroad, adding that it is time to make amendment.

Odimbu stressed that since Independence it has been a chronicle of raised and dashed hopes and expectations, irrespective of political parties involved.

He added that the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is no exception despite its claims to the contrary, and even more glaringly so as it unfolds.

“The emerging negative perception of the Buhari-APC led government before the Nigerian people currently is saddening, but justified. This is so because the emergence of the APC and their victory over the entrenched PDP government hinted at new beginnings, of possibilities.

“The political space has continued to parade the same elements decades after decades, same characteristics with little or no marked changes and this is so in all the registered political parties, exactly all. They were our leaders yesterday, still so today, most probably tomorrow and forever if nothing gives. Well, something has to.

“This is not to say that there are no youths in the country who have the capacity to challenge, takeover the system and engineer positive change in the entire polity. They are either not courageous enough or the exceptional ones, excellent in their chosen ventures have embraced apathy and now sit on the fence. YES, they inspire countless Nigerian youths daily, but theirs is a non-participation in direct leadership and service.

It is not actually their fault, not entirely or largely so anyway. Our society makes it so; we therefore get the leaders we deserve. The system does not allow or encourage the genuine progressive characters to rise. The system does not survive by ideals and lofty goals. It is rigged to be anti-change, redundant, polluted by sit-tight syndrome, corrupted by the will of the few against the many. It is a contraption designed to maintain the status quo, placing mediocrity over merit on a prejudicial class system.

“It is time we rose to the occasion and picked our sullied democracy out of the gutter. The future must belong to those with fresh ideas and not shadows of a collective past we all should put behind. God forbid that our generation remains eternally subjugated and become the next linear of those whose opportunity or ‘future’ never came. We must take the political bull by the horn and take it to task.

“We must shun the temptation of living large in the present on the ‘benevolence’ of leaders who simply buy their allegiance thereof by feeding them crumbs from the collective commonwealth of the Nigerian state. Our leaders, also, must now demonstrate the real change we need in the total cybernetics of our society. The elastic limit of our tolerance have been reached and passed, enough is indeed, enough.”

culled from THE SUN